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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel is an energy-efficient, light, and fire-resistant construction material, which is mainly used during construction of the industrial sites. It should be noted that sandwich panels have replaced the traditional construction materials in the field of the industrial construction.

Three types of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels that we offer to our clients are as follows:


-       Wall panels,

-       Roofing panels,

-       Cold-storage panels.

All of them have different thicknesses and number of ridges. In terms of the roof sandwich panels, we’ve got three and five ridged roof panels in stock.

(PUR) Roof panel with 5 hinges
(PUR) Roof panel with 3 hinges
(PUR) wall panel

The main advantages of the Polyurethane Sandwich Panels (PUR) are as follows:

  • High coefficient of the thermal insulation,

  • Fast speed of the construction process,

  • Fire-resistance,

  • Energy efficiency enables us to apply cost-effective solution while keeping the preferable temperature level in the building.

The anti-corrosive paint is applied on the panel surface for additional safety.

In terms of the individual order, we have the opportunity to modify specifications according to the client's will and change the color, thickness of the sheet, and density of the foam.

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