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Multifunctional Enterprise

ჩვენ შესახება

ICfactory is a multifunctional enterprise composed of a highly qualified and well-experienced workforce. The company is mainly focused on manufacturing different kinds of containers, including but not limited to: the Living Container, Guard Container, Office Container, Commercial and WC Containers. We produce all the accessories for the container as well as the aluminum and PVS doors and windows.

ICfactory is the subsidiary company of the ICholding, which was introduced as “Ecohouse” on the Georgian market in 2015 and since then it has been sustaining a leading position in the field of industrial construction.

EcoHouse was founded by highly experienced managers with 20 years of expertise in the field and industrial construction was determined as its main operational area. After six years of its hardworking, the company has undergone important changes and consequently, the maturity level of the company has increased significantly. Introduced innovations and changes led the company to launch the rebranding process and to establish the Holding.  

Nowadays, ICfactory is one of the largest seller of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels. In particular, we offer to our clients a wide range of wall, roof, and cold storage panels.


Polyurethane Sandwich Panel is an energy-efficient, light, and fire-resistant construction material, which is mainly used during construction of the industrial sites.


Polyisocyanurate Wall Sandwich Panel differs from the Polyurethane Sandwich Panel (PUR) by the higher coefficient of the flame resistance.


Excellent sound insulation and high fire resistance are the main advantages of the Rockwool Sandwich Panels. They are characterized by a longer fire resistance, than other panels.

The first and most advanced
container factory in Georgia



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